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AHNY Program Accountant

As an Affordable New York State Affordable Housing Program (AHNY) Accountant, the candidate collects, compiles, and reports on AHNY qualified wages and project wage rates. This position requires organization, attention to detail, and effective communication. The candidate’s efforts will help UAG’s clients achieve crucial AHNY wage rate requirements for their developments.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities (manage/prepare directly):

Collection and Coordination

  1. Prepare agendas for and conduct AHNY kickoff meetings with Subcontractors’ accounting departments.
  2. Collect, audit, and maintain all monthly certified payrolls from Subcontractors. Audit certified payroll and compare against the Project’s sign-in/sign-out sheets.
  3. Collect daily sign-in/sign-out logs from each Subcontractor.
  4. Manage project-wide payroll report.
  5. Coordinate and follow up with all Subcontractors to ensure timely reporting of monthly deliverables.
  6. Maintain accurate Textura compliance statuses for AHNY-certified payroll submissions.


  1. Prepare monthly AHNY reports on wage rate trends.
  2. Lead a monthly AHNY reporting meeting with Ownership and UAG.

 Interdepartmental Coordination

  1. Assist the Senior Project Accountant with other project tasks as required, such as General Condition invoicing.


Key Attribute Expectations:

Professional bearing and confidence

Resilience and flexibility to change

Interpersonal tact and a sense of teamwork to foster a positive environment


Communicate effectively