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Project Manager

Lead responsibility and accountability to the firm and client to ensure the overall administrative performance and success of the project. Expected to successfully manage all aspects of the project budget. Expected to understand and manage all subcontractor deliverables. Team player and leader expected to communicate and work closely with UAG staff to meet and deliver client needs and expectations. Direct report to the Project Executive/Senior Project Manager.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Become fully versed in the requirements and deliverables of the contract and prepare a Contract Digest for the project team that summarizes the important terms or our contract with our client.
  • Create, manage and maintain the project budget with an emphasis on administering the following control tools: a) Potential Change Item (PCI) letters and logs; b) Approval letters (AL’s) and logs; c) Change Order request letters and logs.
  • Create, manage and maintain a contract Items list, shop drawing schedule and shop drawing log and communicate the dates required to all stakeholders. Also, work closely with our Project Superintendent to ensure that all pertinent information is accounted for.
  • Lead and conduct weekly Owner/Architect/Contractor (OAC) meetings. Prepare an agenda and minutes for the meeting. Ensure a “responsibility” column for appropriate responsibilities.
  • Implement a document control and communication system with a protocol that clearly defines how documents are received, stored and distributed.
  • Maintain a Control Baseline set of documents that include architectural and mechanical drawings, shop drawings and project specifications. These documents should be updated regularly and the latest information should be communicated to all stakeholders including UAG team members, subcontractors, owner and consultants.
  • Lead and manage the creation of contract Exhibit’s, scopes of work, site safety plan, special requirements, and schedule
  • Create, manage and maintain the process by which submittals are received, reviewed and submitted for approval. Once approved, they should be returned to subcontractors timely with a date of release for fabrication and/or ordered.
  • Create, manage and maintain the process by which requests for information (RFI) are received, reviewed, submitted and approved and ensure that this information is clearly and expeditiously communicated back to the appropriate subcontractors.
  • Create, manage and maintain the process by which all additional costs are received by our subcontractors; reviewed, negotiated and properly prepared by UAG and reviewed and communicated to the owner/architect which will then lead to the issuance of a formal change order to the subcontractor. Ensure that at a minimum, bi-weekly meetings are held with the owner/architect to address change order issues.
  • Create, manage and maintain a monthly pencil requisition meeting calendar with input from the owner/architect team that ensures that monthly requisitions are being reviewed and processed correctly and timely.
  • Manage and maintain the process by which UAG and subcontractor requisitions are created timely and accurately. Ensure that they contain all approved change orders.
  • Lead and manage the effort to produce the Monthly Status Report for delivery to the client and team no later than the 15th of the following month.
  • Assist in the creation of and oversee the management and maintenance of the General Conditions Monitor on a monthly basis.
  • Assist in the creation of and oversee the management and maintenance of the Work in Place (WIP) forecast on a monthly basis.
  • Assure that all MWLBE workplace participation goals are achieved and efficiently tracked, if necessary.
  • Promote the UAG “Excellence 360” culture to our clients, subcontractors, communities we are working in and the public at large.
  • Train and develop the skills of all direct reports and other staff as required.
  • Enforce UAG’s Corporate Safety plan on all projects

Secondary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist in the purchasing, leveling and award of subcontracts.
  • Prepare subcontracts and purchase orders accurately and in a timely manner for approval by the Project Executive or Senior Project Manager.
  • Follow up on subcontractor performance after contract award to ensure that their performance is consistent with contract requirements.  Keep senior management informed of potential problems or issues.

Minimum Requirements

Educational and experience requirements include: 4-year engineering degree or equivalent, plus at least five years’ experience/knowledge of construction, design, finance and management required. Thorough understanding of industry practices, processes, standards, etc. and their impact on project activities is vital.

Preferred certifications:  LEED; OSHA 10/30/40; ASHE

Abilities Required

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are a must. Ability to be tactful, respectful, influential and diplomatic when dealing with clients, subcontractors and co-workers. Thorough knowledge of all aspects of construction including safety, risk mitigation & control methods, operational means & methods and technology.