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Leader for all field operations on a project. Expected to direct, supervise, coordinate and manage the work and productivity of the subcontractors and labor to assure that the contractual requirements of the project are met with respect to safety, schedule, quality control, and cost control. Direct report to the Project Executive.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities (manage/prepare directly):

  1. Become fully versed in the requirements of the contract for the project.
  2. Develop, update, modify and maintain the project schedule, including a master schedule, 30-day look ahead schedule, 2-week look ahead schedule, Executive Summary schedule, critical path schedule and schedule narrative.
  3. Assure the implementation and continuous adherence to the maintenance of the UAG corporate safety program requirements during the course of the day-to-day operations on the project.
  4. Assure that daily safety walkthroughs are conducted and documented thoroughly and that the information is distributed to the appropriate subcontractor foreman to correct safety deficiencies 
  5. Develop, maintain and update required safety logistics plans 
  6. Train and develop the skills of all direct reports
  7. Conduct weekly foreman and superintendents’ meetings. Assure that regular meeting minutes are taken and distributed to all parties in attendance. Include a “Ball in Court” column to ensure that items/issues are being addressed and completed. Assure that work progress, safety, material storage, lay down areas, job cleanliness, etc. are discussed, and appropriate actions is taken to ensure a safe and productive site.
  8. Assure that construction reports (DCR’s) are prepared daily and that they are thorough, descriptive, and accurate.
  9. Assure that substantive daily progress photos are taken daily and clearly depict the project’s progress.
  10. Manage subcontractor and UAG labor to ensure the workflow is productive and safe.
  11. Serve as a liaison and positive influence to the community in the areas where the project is being performed. Represent and promote the UAG “Excellence” as part of our culture to our clients, subcontractors, communities 
  12. Attend weekly meetings with the project team for the following purposes: 1) update the team on the status of the fieldwork and schedule; 2) communicate any issues that require the input or action of others on the project team 3) proactively communicate updates to the team so that proper business decisions can be made; 4) be prepared to provide solutions to any issues that arise in the field during the work
  13. Establish and maintain a document control system to ensure that work is being installed in accordance with the latest design documents and approved shop drawings.
  14. Ensure that field issues that require additional information are communicated timely to the project manager so that RFI’s can be issued immediately to the design team.
  15. Assure the required job permits and approvals from jurisdictional agencies are secured, posted, and renewed before and during the project.
  16. Prepare, review and validate direct report employee timesheets.


Minimum Requirements:

High School diploma; completion of an accredited Vocational School is a plus; however, a College degree is preferred. 

Prior experience must be at least ten years of experience performing similar duties. A thorough understanding of construction industry practices, processes, standards, schedules, logistics, and site safety is a must. NYC site safety license is required.

Preferred certifications: OSHA 10/30/40; ASHE Abilities Required

Thorough knowledge of all aspects of construction, including safety, mitigation & control methods, operational means & methods, and technology. 

Excellent communication, organizational, supervisory, and planning skills are required. 

Job requires you to be on your feet for several hours per day. Must be able to freely walk up and down staircases and lift up to 15lbs.