An Introduction to Excellence 360°

At the core of UAG is the Excellence 360° platform, which is a unique set of principles and processes that drives the firm’s short-term and long-term decisions. This integrated system consists of three components essential to success: safety, operations and culture.

The Safety 360° component is stands as our highest priority. UAG prides itself as taking a personal approach toward safety, collaborating with our subcontractors to help ensure incident- and injury-free operations. Learn how we accomplish this by reading more about Safety 360°.

Our Operations 360° component requires thoughtful execution of strategy, planning and forecasting at every stage of the construction process. We’re committed to working closely with all our partners and maintaining a high level of communication. Learn how this extends into each project phase.

Finally, our Culture 360° component relies on our people. We believe that our people are our strength and those people define our culture. That’s why we work to create a positive team experience that encourages ideation, collaboration and partnership. In every position and situation, we seek to foster a sense of empowerment and transparency. Learn more about our culture.

For an overview of the entire Excellence 360° model, click here.