UAG provides a personal approach toward safety by collaborating with our subcontractors to help ensure incident- and injury-free operational success.

Through detailed pre-planning and daily communication, we prioritize having innovative and specialized safety programs on every project. The program begins with all UAG employees, owners/clients and subcontractors who learn our specialized approach and receive a project-specific orientation.  

Everyday, we ensure that safety is the top priority for everyone by creating a culture of awareness, accountability and pride. Our specialized checklists, walkthroughs and safety incentive reward program encourage a higher level of attention and participation throughout the project.

What We Do

  • UAG new employee onboarding
  • Project-specific safety orientations
  • Site- and task-specific personal protective equipment
  • Daily construction report (DCR)
  • Daily safety planning (Daily START Card)
  • Daily safety checklists (Predictive Solutions)
  • High-risk activity plan (HRAP)
  • High-Risk START cards
  • Tool box talks
  • Project specific signage
  • Encourage safety culture

Why This Matters:

  • Reduced risk
  • Preferred partner relationships
  • Improved workforce knowledge