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Communicators. Collaborators. Creative Problem Solvers.

UAG’s approach to construction management is about collaboration and partnering with key stakeholders. We pride ourselves on creating a culture of accountability and transparency. We are trusted advisors to our partners and architects, openly communicating finances, logistics, project challenges, and opportunities throughout the lifecycle of a project. Our approach is rooted in structured processes that enable us to be successful on our projects while continuously strengthening relationships with our clients. We begin each project with the goal that by the time we are finishing, another project for that same client is beginning.

True Collaborators in
Realizing Your Vision

  • Advising Our Partners in Their Pursuit of Success

    UAG’s local expertise is rooted in history, architecture, and the evolution of our city. We counsel our partners in their pursuit of success by reviewing potential development sites and advising on critical matters that may affect project success and longevity. We carefully consider each project component, including pre-development budgeting, site analysis, scheduling, and systems selection. This crucial step in our process reinforces our pledge to be accountable, transparent, and, most importantly, committed to our partners.

  • A Clear Roadmap for Success

    UAG's preconstruction phase is grounded in unwavering cost certainty. We build beyond our construction drawings and strive for complete transparency by managing the process from the onset. We collaborate cross-functionally between our operations and estimating teams to ensure that our path to construction start, logistics, and estimates align with our partners' goals. These services include, but are not limited to, estimating, permitting, agency approvals, constructability review, M/W/L/BE, logistics analysis, scheduling, and value management. We are patient and thorough, continuously learning and evolving our approach for the success of our partners and projects.

  • A Unique Approach for the Industry

    Thoughtful and deliberate planning at the project's inception significantly adds value to budget, schedule, and safety, and increases awareness and transparency for all parties involved. With a stable financial history, UAG has the flexibility to cater to all insurance and surety needs for any given project. This approach stems from our foresight and diligence in underwriting the health of our subcontractors to make informed decisions on how we delegate our work. Along the way, we provide action plans to help mitigate, correct, and successfully adapt to necessary changes.

  • Returning Home Safely

    Safety is at the forefront of everything we do. We provide a personalized approach toward safety by collaborating with our hand-selected subcontractors and suppliers to ensure incident and injury-free operational success. Our construction teams are strong, well thought-out, and equipped with industry-specific software and technology to ensure a seamless process aligned with our internal protocols and policies. We’ve cultivated a culture invested in technology and innovation to help realize projects’ visions while mitigating risk and adapting along the way.

  • Start Strong, End Stronger

    Historically, post-construction is one of the biggest challenges in the industry. We pride ourselves on starting strong and ending even stronger. Our teams are focused, attentive, and function at a high level to ensure our milestones are met on time and within the allocated budget. We finalize each project with a collaborative mindset to foster continued positive partnerships and a seamless transition.