TC Neuhs

TC Neuhs

TC Neuhs

Director of Financial Operations and Purchasing

As the director of financial operations and purchasing, TC Neuhs leads his team in identifying and developing successful subcontractor partnerships to meet client fiscal obligations, schedule requirements and quality expectations. From the pre-construction and bidding phase to contract negotiation and execution, TC works to ensure the right subcontractors are recommended and selected for each project, utilizing his previous experience successfully managing the procurement of more than $600MM in construction services.

TC also manages the UAG Subcontractor Prequalification process, which includes the financial underwriting of each subcontract and the employment of various risk management strategies to ensure subcontractor performance meets the demands of each project and client.  TC’s responsibilities also extend to the review and management of Subcontractor insurance policies for conformance with project-specific requirements or conditions, CCIP, OCIP, or conventional insurance programs. With previous experience at a national development firm, he fully understands the client’s needs and expectations for developing a successful project from the inception, allowing him to best consider and evaluate risk, financial stability and previous experience for the most favorable outcomes for all parties.

Once the project team is created, TC leads UAG’s belief that the relationship with subcontractors does not end at contract signing. With experience also as a project manager, he works with the operations team throughout the project, negotiating change orders, communicating progress and evaluating performance.

As an asset to the development of UAG’s continuing business, TC aids in client relationships, assists the team in negotiating and reviewing client contracts and providing pre-construction services.

From TC

“Each development and client is different and deserves independent attention to each project, contract and subcontract to achieve success. We believe that by subcontracting with the right partners and by managing to that partnership, not a contractual obligation, UAG can build the most successful projects for every party involved.”